Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Last Dog Show for the Year?

Maybe...., our dogs Max and Keesha will miss the year end dog show again at the Kennel Club. Little chance to get our last Local Medals for this year in Obedience, Agility and Jumpers. But we do have plans to organise our next USDAA Titling Event in December so watch out for it.

Meantime, we are prepping for our trip to the US with our dogs. Starting off with Alan Tay's Seminar this weekend. Alan came down on Sunday especially to watch the Agility and Jumpers trials. We have some interesting reviews about it. Anyways Keesha swept the Novice Agility and Jumpers Trials Championship with a single round each (no more 2 try chances and pick the best time, like the last few trials) also getting her JD title finally after absence from the Local Agility scene for totalling almost a year. Max loss by 0.22secs time fault with his clear round in Open Jumpers that is the first time he has a time fault which really tickle us. But to win back, he got his Open Obedience Championship Title again by participating this time with the new change in the Obedience Rules again that took effect in June 2008, well done my boy! We have been putting off our Baby Benji's training in Obedience and Agility for quite a bit now, it is time to put more concentration on him. Although he Qed to go to the Grand Prix Quarterfinals in the US this year, we will not be taking him there as we feel he is not ready for the long distance travel as he can be a nervous rack in his crate and we need to work on that before he can travel that far.

While doing the Sit Stay and Down Stay exercises off site some of us were just talking about the changes in the new rules and the wasted cost of buying our wooden and metal Utility scented articles all the way from the states. We bought 3 sets about 2 years back for USD600 plus not included shipping cost(@1.68 xchange rate) by the way they are up for sale if anyone is interested. One was saying at least we manage to use it while his was "New". hee hee. I suggested doing a dog show demo with them at least it will not go to waste.

With our busy weeks, we were glad we manage to 'steal' some quality bits of time here and there to train our dogs. Training is one thing, we also have to make sure our dogs are healthy and strong both Physically and Mentally same for us humans. But regularly you will hear of our (humans) complaints of aches and pains in Chinese you call them 'jiu sang' (old pain) coming back.

Talk about busy!@ We totally forgot to load up the pictures of our 3rd USDAA Trials and also videos! Arggghhh!! We are so so late. Apologies! Will try to load them up as soon as we can guys!

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