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PUPS 8th USDAA Trials, 11,12 SEPT 2010

PUPS 8th USDAA Trials, 11,12 Sept 2010, Sengkang Riverside Park.

We have Championships Titling, Performance Titling, Grand Prix of Dog Agility & Master Dog Agility Steeplechase

Judges - Mr. Rowel De Guia Philippines & Mr. Dexter Sim Singapore.

Closing date - 20 Aug 2010, FRI

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2010 Cynosport World Games Q&A

2010 Cynosport World Games Q&A
Posted Date: August 17, 2010

We answer your questions about this year's event.

With the 2010 Cynosport World Games taking place in a new location, some competitors have questions about the event. Here are some questions that folks are asking, along with the answers. We will be adding to this article as we receive more questions with answers that might benefit other competitors. Look for an "updated date" in this article's title to let you know if new information has been added.

If you have a question of your own, please contact for more information.

Q: The information on the website mentions a "finite amount of space" for crating. Is a competitor allowed to rent more than one space?

A: Yes, a competitor can rent more than one space for crating.

Q: Will we be allowed to stack crates?

A: Yes, but only if deemed by us to be safe to do so. Generally, this would be thought to be one crate stacked on top of another one of equal or larger size. Each case considered on its merit.

Q: Are dogs that are not entered allowed to be crated at the event?

A: We have no restrictions on unentered dogs in the crating area this year.

Q: If you are camping on site with an RV, will you need a crating space? In other words, how far away is the camping area from the dog agility rings?

A: That is a personal preference. RV spaces will not be as close to the venue as the crating areas in the hall. The RV slots are in lines perpendicular to the buildings (separated by a service drive and open space; the closest spots are an estimated 100' - 200' from the buildings). Those who are closest may find it convenient, while those farthest away may not. Others may not find even the closest positions to be desirable for walking across the pavement and service drive.

Q: What time will things start on Tuesday?

A: Check-in will begin in the afternoon and there will be a warm-up class in the evening.

Q: What time will the Grand Prix finals begin on Sunday? I don't want to miss anything, but I want to leave earlier enough to make it to work on Monday.

A: There is no way we can pinpoint a start time until at least several days after entries close. We typically start around 1:30pm or 2:00pm with the final program (Veterans, Juniors, and Grand Prix). This normally finishes up around 4:30pm or 5:00pm. Unexpected delays could cause the event to finish much later, though. We normally recommend that flights be booked no earlier than 7:00pm on Sunday in order to allow two hours for transportation, check-in, and security clearance; but, we cannot guarantee anything. If the Grand Prix finals is a "must see" for you (and it's really worth seeing!), then you should consider leaving on Monday or late night on Sunday to avoid rushing.

Q: The Performance form shows Performance Speed Jumping quarterfinals and a fee of $45. There are no PSJ quarters, just semifinals and finals. In years past we've paid the same fee as the Steeplechase semifinalists to enter the PSJ semifinals. Can someone clarify please? Shouldn't it be $36 for the semifinals, like it is for all other semis, not $45?

A: Yes, you are correct. It has been altered on the entry form to reflect the proper name and corrected fee of $36. Please download the corrected entry form. A credit card form has also been posted in the updated test schedule (see last page).

Other Games notes, some repeated from an earlier article on the topic:

* The entry form has been altered to include the credit card form, a definition of "x-pens," and the PSJ class name change and correct fee. Also, the cover page margin was adjusted so that it wil print properly.

*In a recent article on the USDAA News page, it was noted that copies of height cards should not be sent with Cynosport entries. That information is correct and the premium will be adjusted to match.

*Kennel spaces are smaller at the event site than those recent years. We also have a finite amount of space and have to allocate based upon expected attendance. The cost for the building is dramatically higher than what we paid for land and tents in Scottsdale. But, we have worked hard to keep the kennel space rate (and other fees) the same as last year's through other cost containment measures.

*The Cynosport premium states that no X-pens are allowed. To clarify, dogs may not be in an open X-pen; they must be housed in an enclosure consisting of four sides with a top and bottom, both of which are securely affixed to the sides to retain a fixed shape to add more rigidity and stability to the enclosure. While we recognize the desire to have the freedom of movement, we are concerned about each dog's safety. We will continually study and monitor the situation in hopes of making improvements where we can.

*Some competitors have expressed concern about the daily parking fee. Unfortunately, this is exclusively controlled by the Bureau that governs the facility at the Kentucky Expo Center and is a standard charge for all events. For those wanting to get away during the day without possible extra charges for leaving the site and returning, consider staying at the host hotel. Crowne Plaza, which is across the parking lot from the facility, offers a free shuttle service throughout the day. An exclusive USDAA hospitality hall is also available there for socializing in the evenings.

*Tom Kula will collect entries at the Regional in Michigan and overnight them for anyone entered in the show. There are two options for those who may get a bye at that event:

1. The secretary says she will accept a provisional entry in advance for those who want to send it in and possibly do a move-up. To do this, complete the entry form twice, one for each circumstance (getting the bye in Michigan and not getting the bye). Then submit two checks for the appropriate amount on each entry. Finally, notify the Secretary by email by the closing date as to which one to process. That eliminates the extra handling for submitting and obtaining refunds. If paying by credit card, same would apply. Submit two entry forms and two authorization forms for the appropriate amounts. Only one would be processed after the closing date.

2. Wait to submit your entry to Tom Kula at the Michigan regional. But don't forget to get it to Tom before the end of the show!

We can't wait to see you at the Games!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Top Ten Things Your Dog Can Get Into That Can Be Toxic & Even Fatal!


- Chocolate
- Cocoa bean mulch
- Cigarettes and cigarette butts
- Mushrooms
- Paint balls
- Potpourri
- Grapes and raisins
- Slug bait
- Some types of chewing gum that contain Xylitol
- Pennies
- Yarn, string, ribbon, cassette tape and other similar items

USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!

USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!
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