Thursday, December 28, 2017

TOPIC - Loosen Up, Be Flexible And Relax!

This will be our last post for the Year 2017.

Hereby wishing all 



Boss: You are late !

Employee: It is only 9:20 am. I was driving my girlfriend to university, and got stuck in traffic.

Boss: works starts at 9:00am – be here or else !

Employee: ok, but then you will have to drive your daughter each morning yourself.

If you can be relax and be flexible, your employees will be happy and productive. You will be happier yourself.

These attitudes are perfect when it comes to dog training. Do not be critical. Do not be hard on your dog and do not be hard on yourself. Be flexible, be realistic and relax. Take a deep breathe if you hit a snag. Disengage from training, spend time grooming, playing or spending time just 'doing nothing' but just hang out together.

Enjoy the progresses with your dog, it's the personal time both your dog and you are sharing in learning. This bond is unbreakable.

There is a training phenomenon, where the process of transferring of memory from conscious mind into the sub-conscious mind. This is also known as the process where our memory are being transfer from our short term memory storage to our long term memory storage. During this process, you might see some losses in memory but eventually memory will be back and it become better.

However in Reward-Based Techniques, if you chooses to continue to reinforce these behaviours, it will be our second nature. Just like any top athletics, practice, practice, practice, it will be become a habit ... Not being perfect, as it's a on-going progress...

Be flexible, be trusting, be empowering.

As always, have fun & stay positive!

Friday, December 22, 2017

PUPS Blog Series - Stop using retractable leash!

PUPS Blog Series - Danger of using the Retractable leashWhat is a Dog Leash? In one of my blog post on 26th June 2017, below are the extracts ...

"PUPS Bits - The leash should only be used to prevent your dog from running away. In training it's all about response training, aim to get the response from your dog than using leash pressure to steer your dog."

Let's have look at the purpose of the leash.
1. Keep your dog safe
2. Keep your dog restraint
3. Keep your dog close

However, when you look at the retractable leash, it usually comes with 3 Metres to 7 Metres in length and a single cord type which does not like a normal leash. 

The 9 dangers of using retractable leash;

  1. Due to the length, it will not keep your dog safe and under control,
  2. If your dog gets spook he will cut across, can result in injury to both the dog and handler,
  3. Promote strong pullers as the retractable mechanism allow the dog to pull to get freedom,
  4. The thin cord can cause cut, skin burnt and amputation of fingers, hands etc, 
  5. Some of the retractable leash handles is too bulky which result in loose control and runaway dog,
  6. As the retractable leash promote pulling, some dogs might appear to be aggressive, running towards another dog that might retaliate,
  7. When you drop the retractable leash holder, because it can create some loud noise, it may cause fearful dog to run even further,
  8. It will get tangled with other leashes due to the length and it can cause harm to your dog and people,
  9. The thin cord of the retractable might snap if you have a big dog and heavy puller,

In my own opinion, retractable leash is not suitable for dogs that have not get his walk under control. Having a dog learn how to walk properly, can goes a long way. You will have control and your walks will be enjoyable, fun and purposeful.

If you have no choice and want to utilize what you have, you will need to follow the below system;

  1. Start your walk on a short leash,
  2. Maintain the standard until you will reach your pit stop (where you may allow free roam on the retractable),
  3. Get your dog back on walking path and reset the retractable to a standard leash length,
  4. Maintain manageable walks with standard leash lengths, while your dog will get his chance to roam at their pit stops.
Always remember to keep a short leash length while walking your dog on retractable. 

For the safety of your dog, I suggest you leave the retractable leash on the experienced dog owners and dog walkers. 

Have fun and stay positive.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Awarded TOP 100 Dog Training Blog!

Congrats to PUPS Dog Training for being AWARDED TOP 100 DOG TRAINING BLOG!

Thanks for your continuous support for our PUPS Blog Series.

Check out our feature at TOP 100 Dog Training Blog!

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Friday, December 8, 2017

2017 PUPS Positve Challenge Results will be out soon!

2017 PUPS Challenge result will be out real soon. What you going to train? You are going to train as a Flyball Dogs and eventually we will form a NEW CrazyK9 Flyball in Singapore. Look at the previous CrazyK9 Flyball Team. Do you want to join in the fun? Keep watch on this space.

It's the festive, Teach Your Dog to Greet People Politely

PUPS Blog Series - It's the festive season, teach your dog to greet people politely.

With the Eve and Actual Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year Celebrations, we will have many guests coming to our home. Have you been ashamed that Benji exuberant meeting at your guests? Or Benji barking his heads off at your guests? We need to teach Benji to Sit Politely to greet our guests.

Having a trained dog is always a welcome asset to your family. If your dog has been doing the extra opposites, you not to get it sorted as your season of guests flooding to your home is ever near.

What can we do about it? Is there a quick fix? Yes, you need to know the motivation of Benji's exuberant greetings. The motivation is usually over excitement and sometimes lack of socialisation.

In Reward based concept, we will teach incompatible behaviours rather than punishing our dog. Reason? Have you taught your dog good behaviour when he meets another person or dog? If you have not, you can't punish your dog for something you don't even know how should he react to.

5 incompatible behaviours I will train my dog when it comes to greeting guests at home.

1. Teach the placement behaviour to counteract your dog barking at the door,
2. Teach a Down position to counteract the jumping behaviour,
3. Teach a Settled behaviour to counteract chasing to the door to greet,
4. Teach a Sit position, to communicate clearly that if you sit politely and wait, the guests will greet and reward the dog, and
5. Teach a placement behaviour, to counteract begging at the dinner table.
Start working on these incompatible behaviours before the real tests that come shortly. 

Here is the Rule of Thumb

1. If you want a behaviour to keep repeating or coming back, make the situation POSITIVE and FUN, and

2. If you don't want a behaviour to keep repeating, make the situation NEGATIVE.

Don't sit there and wait for a miracle, I believe GOD will help people who will help themselves. Start on the right track with the simple objective, you will soon realise it is actually very easy to train your dog.

If you do it correctly, TRAINING should be a BREEZE.

As always have fun and stay positive!

USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!

USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!
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