Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Last 2012 Challenge!

Happy Boxing Day! Let me put forward a challenge! If you don’t believe in reward training, try catching all good and desirable behaviours in your dog and reward him or her. See in your own eyes, all these good and desirable behaviours miraculously keeps coming …. the power of positive reinforcement!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BENJI is hanging up his paws!

10th December 2012, marked the official retirement date of our wonderboy BENJI. Benji celebrated his 10th Birthday on 27th November last month. Below is his great achievements and he now work as an assistant trainer in our Obedience & Agility Classes. BENJI ends the year with a well deserved winning of the SKC National Obedience Champion reserve for 2012. This is an equivalent OTch reserve title. (OTch is Obedience Trials Champion) Together with his dad OTch, OTch Utility Black Diamond Maximillion CDX, UDX, AD, JD , Max and his mum CH. Marsean Mikah OTch res, CDX, made their names into the Singapore Kennel Club's OBEDIENCE TRIALS CHAMPIONS Hall of Fame!!! That means, we have 3 Obedience Trials Champions from our PUPS DOG TRAINING and DIAMONDISLE KENNEL. Benji's Obedience & Agility Accolade ... OTch. res DIAMONDISLE LOCH-N-LEGASI CD, AD, PS1, PJ1 OTch res - National Obedience Champion reserve Companion Dog Title (CD) Agility Dog Title (AD) Performance 1 Standard Title (PS1) & Performance 1 Jumping Title (PJ1) Open Class Champion Intermediate Class Champion Novice Class Champion Maxi-Agility Champion Maxi-Jumpers Champion Local Qualifier for 2008 USDAA Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships Local Qualifier for 2008 USDAA U$10k Dog Agility Steeplechase World Championships In his non-competitive careers, Benji is great at Dog Sports. He is a core member of our CrazyK9 Flyball Team! He did various flyball demonstrations with the ONLY CrazyK9 Flyball Team in Singapore. Our record is 24.78s. Benji also did well in Dog Frisbee and he did various Frisbee Demonstrations. Benji is great on SET too. He was featured at a XIN MSN TV Ad. BENJI has always been a GREAT AMBASSADOR of a Well Trained Dog. With his retirement, BENJI will now take life easy and we hope to give him a good and enjoyable Senior days. We believe he deserve a good senior life and we are always grateful to have such a great boy like him.

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