Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cheer ON our PUPS Positive Warriors!

PUPS wishes our Positive Warriors, BLAZE, DAWSON & ALOYSIUS, TOBI, SKY & GILLIAN, BROCCOLI & TIN ENG, VIDYA & YULIN, PICCA, MILLIE & DEXTER & DEBRA, a GREAT SUCCESS in the coming SKC Agility & Jumpers Trials. Let's all have fun :)


This coming 10th USDAA Sanctioned Trials focuses on the CHAMPIONSHIP TITLING Program, The STARTERS CLASS are equivalent to NOVICE CLASS, the ADVANCE CLASS is equivalent to OPEN CLASS and the MASTERS CLASS is equivalent to MASTERS CLASS. And we also have the PERFORMANCE TITLING Program. PERFORMANCE 1 is equivalent to NOVICE CLASS, PERFORMANCE 2 is equivalent to OPEN CLASS and PERFORMANCE 3 is equivalent to MASTERS CLASS. The Performance Program are for young and old dogs who are interested in this Great Dog Sport of Dog Agility. In performance class, dogs are jumping one height below their normal competing heights. (IE if you dog run 12" in Championship, you will run 8" in performance)

How to play the Pairs Relay?

Pairs Relay Class is another USDAA unique games. As the name imply, it require 2 teams to form a pair. The Pairs Relay is a Standard Agility Course, where each team member will run half the sequence. (IE 1st team take 1-9 obstacles and 2nd team take 10-18 for a 18 obstacle course.) There will be an exchange area in the intersection, where team members will pass the barton from 1st runner to the 2nd before completing the 2nd half of the course. Relay Class is judge on the basis of TIME + FAULT, therefore the quickest team will have chance to earn a Qualification and of course the Trophies. Have fun & stay positive!

How to play Gamblers?

How to play GAMBLERS? Gamblers Class - A test of distance handling and strategies. Gamblers consists of 2 segments; the Opening Sequence for Points Accumulation and the Closing Sequence which is the Jocker. The Opening Sequence is restricted by 2 Scoring Systems; the 1-2-3-5 System, which Jumps are worth 1 point each, the two-pointers are the tunnels, tire and the short set of weaves and the three-pointers are the contacts and five-pointers is the high value obstacles such Dogwalk or full set of weave poles. The other Scoring System is 1-3-5-7 System, which Jumps are worth 1 point each, the three-pointers are the tunnels, tire and the short set of weaves and the five-pointers are the contacts and seven-pointers is the high value obstacles such as the full set of weave poles. The usual time allow for the Opening Sequence can last from 25,30,35 or 40 seconds. Once the time runs up, you will hear a whistle signaling the start of the Closing Sequence or the Jocker Segment. In the Gamblers Segment, there will be a line drawn on course where handlers are not allow to cross the line. And the challenge focuses in 2 of 3 challenges below; Obstacle Discrimination, Performance of Contacts or Weave poles and Change of Direction. Upon the expiry of the time allowed in Opening Sequence, you will hear a whistle and right away the Gamblers Sequence commences. Usually the Jocker will have 10 to 20 pointers for the taking. The team that successfully completed the gamblers sequence earns the points allocated for the Jocker Segment. And plus what you earned in the opening sequence, the total points will be your score. The winner of the class usually earn the highest points and in event there is a tie, the shortest time clocked by the team will win the class.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to play SNOOKER!

One of the unique USDAA games is Snooker Class. Snooker Class are based on Skills and Strategies. Snooker Class consists of two parts; the Opening Sequence and the Closing Sequence. The Opening Sequence consists of 3 or 4 RED Jumps. Only upon clearing the RED give you the right to claim one of the points(by COLOUR) presented on course. The order should be RED-COLOUR-RED-COLOUR-RED-COLOUR and you can proceed with the closing sequence. if you fail to clear the RED, you are not entitled to claim the points, so go for the next RED. This is a point accumulation sequence. Snooker Class - Part 2 Usually the judge will put a time limit of 50-60 seconds on the course and you must complete both Opening and Closing Seuqence within the time stipulated. The Closing Sequence consists of Ostacles 2,3,4,5,6 & 7 and all must be taken in running order. The total points presented in Closing Sequence is 2+3+4+5+6+7=27 points if you clear all obstacle correctly. If in the course of the closing sequence one of the obstacle has been faulted, the closing sequence will cease scoring and handler & dog must run to the end-line to stop the clock. The winner of this Snooker Class is first based on the highest Scores and then follow by the time recorded. Have fun & stay positive!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Counting down, last than a month, we will be having our 2nd Night Trials - 10th USDAA Sanctioned Trials on 10th November 2012 from 3pm to 10pm. Please take note the closing date is 28 October! I look forward to another electrifying event!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10th USDAA B2B Sanctioned Trials!

Watch out for the coming back-to-back USDAA Championships and Performance Titling Programmes! In the CHAMPIONSHIP Programme, we are having STARTERS, ADVANCE levels Standard Agility and Jumpers Class, our STARTERS Games such as Gamblers, Snookers and Pairs Relays. In the PERFORMANCE Programme, we are having P1,P2 & P3 Standard Agility and Jumpers Class. So many programmes in-line for all our enjoyment! Let's get together and make this event a SUCCESS!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Remember back in Jan 2008, we had our 1st USDAA Sanctioned Night Trials. This November we will again have our 10th USDAA Sanctioned Night Trials. Let's all come and enjoy this eventful & electrifying event!

10th UDSAA International Dog Agility Sanctioned Trials at 10.11.12!

Hi USDAAsg, Our long awaited 10th USDAA International Dog Agility Sanctioned Trials has been confirmed. This is our 2nd time, we are organizing a Night Trials! Below is the details for your reference. Event - 10th USDAA Sanctioned Trials Date - 10th November 2012, Saturday Time - 3.00 pm to 10.00 pm Venue - 930 Hougang Street 91, Singapore 530930 (Enclosed football field) Judges - Mr. Rowel De Guia (Philippines), Mr. Kenneth Chen (Singapore) & Mr. Kenneth Tatsch (USA) Classes available -  Championship Titling Programme 1. Starter Standard Agility 2. Advance Standard Agility 3. Starter Jumpers 4. Advance Jumpers 5. Starter Snooker 6. Starter Gamblers 7. Starter Pairs Relay Performance Titling Programme 1. P1 Standard Agility 2. P2 Standard Agility 3. P1 Jumpers 4. P2 Jumpers Please take note the closing date is 28 October 2012. Enclosed please find the USDAA Sanctioned Trials and the Beginners Class application forms for your immediate attention. Once again let's together make this event an eventful and electrifying. Cheers Dexter Sim USDAAsg USDAA International Affiliated Group

USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!

USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!
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