Friday, December 8, 2017

It's the festive, Teach Your Dog to Greet People Politely

PUPS Blog Series - It's the festive season, teach your dog to greet people politely.

With the Eve and Actual Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year Celebrations, we will have many guests coming to our home. Have you been ashamed that Benji exuberant meeting at your guests? Or Benji barking his heads off at your guests? We need to teach Benji to Sit Politely to greet our guests.

Having a trained dog is always a welcome asset to your family. If your dog has been doing the extra opposites, you not to get it sorted as your season of guests flooding to your home is ever near.

What can we do about it? Is there a quick fix? Yes, you need to know the motivation of Benji's exuberant greetings. The motivation is usually over excitement and sometimes lack of socialisation.

In Reward based concept, we will teach incompatible behaviours rather than punishing our dog. Reason? Have you taught your dog good behaviour when he meets another person or dog? If you have not, you can't punish your dog for something you don't even know how should he react to.

5 incompatible behaviours I will train my dog when it comes to greeting guests at home.

1. Teach the placement behaviour to counteract your dog barking at the door,
2. Teach a Down position to counteract the jumping behaviour,
3. Teach a Settled behaviour to counteract chasing to the door to greet,
4. Teach a Sit position, to communicate clearly that if you sit politely and wait, the guests will greet and reward the dog, and
5. Teach a placement behaviour, to counteract begging at the dinner table.
Start working on these incompatible behaviours before the real tests that come shortly. 

Here is the Rule of Thumb

1. If you want a behaviour to keep repeating or coming back, make the situation POSITIVE and FUN, and

2. If you don't want a behaviour to keep repeating, make the situation NEGATIVE.

Don't sit there and wait for a miracle, I believe GOD will help people who will help themselves. Start on the right track with the simple objective, you will soon realise it is actually very easy to train your dog.

If you do it correctly, TRAINING should be a BREEZE.

As always have fun and stay positive!

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