Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Preparation for the Cynosport World Games

We went to Westworld to take a look at the place before the event day. USDAA organisers were setting up the tentages and rings. Giant Pools set up for dock diving. Our Kennel tentages area have been set up row by row. Got to give Kudos to Heather and the rest of the USDAA staff they have put a lot of effort in organising such a big event. We are excited for tomorrow evening after the Grand Prix Classic runs, we will be having a halloween reception party. Max will be wearing as Yoda and Keesha as Princess Leia from Star Wars. Celebrating a true Howlloween with our dogs in the USA would be a wonderful experience! All the vendors will be setting up stores from Thursday. I am really keen to take a good look at the new Clip and Go Ready jumps that will be on sale there.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Agility Practise

Here are some video updates. We have some long as well as short practises and of course learning from another Agility Guru, Olga. This is all for the fun and a great learning experience. The dogs are happy playing Agility again after a week's long break. Once they see the Agility Equipment they are up and going barking their heads off there is no stopping them, this proves one thing Dog Agility is a Universal Language.

USDAA has put up some updates on the Cynosport Games as well as our run schedules online. Go see if you can spot our dog's as well as our names. he he. We will get to see Susan Garrett first hand in action at the Championship with her dogs as well as other great Agility Trainers.

There will be over 1000 competitors participating with 6 rings build up for Agility. There will also be Flyball, Dock Jumping, Canine Freestyle, Herding and Rally O. Lots of Vendors are setting up stores there lots of things to see and do even if you are not competing. So if you happen to be about in USA take a flight down to Pheonix, the temperatures are predicting to be lower from next Wednesday which is good news for all.

We have just arrived into Scottsdale after a long 6.5 hr drive in our rented SUV. We made 3 pit stops in between and saw many interesting desert sceneries. Couple of aweful road kills on the ground "groused out!" Lots of big trucks travelling on the roads between California and Arizona.

Apologies have difficulty downloading videos in this blog. More of our practice videos can be seen at

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Southern California

Here we are at one of the suburbs of Southern California near Roscoe Blvd. Real California feel now with all the tall palm trees and long stretch of roads. Don't forget we are driving on the left hand side. Dexter although has driven on the left hand side a few times still has some getting use to cause the roads are so different here. We got honked by impatient Californians a few times but hey we are "Tourists!" There is such a big difference of people here, from the very rich to the middle class to the homeless people lugging their trolleys picking things at the trash. Guess who is the governer of California, none other than the "Terminator" star,"I'll be back" guy, Arnold Swazxxxger (sorry forgot how to spell his name). It is interesting to note that we have watched him so much on TV being the hero and all it seems so reel that he could have just lift his finger and saved the Canyon Fires that was spreading real fast in Malibu, CA. But real life hits hard and the fires are still burning and The Govenor has ask for help from neighbouring states to get assistance in saving the fire.

Just completed our Day 1 training this Afternoon at Contact Point's Training Centre. The ground was super dry and sandy. The Southern winds are blowing down real strong towards the Pacific Ocean giving us dry cool but sandy winds. Temp was around the range of 70 to 75 degree farienheit This is the first time the dogs are training on such weather and surface. But seems like they are getting the hang of it better than we do. We had trouble running on the surface at first and the sands were blowing right at our face. We practically ate dirt, I mean sand in our mouths, had a fall giving me small abrasions on my hands and knees but it is all part and parcel of training.

We should be putting up some pics and videos by Wednesday, today's weather was so windy all our stuff got blown off our camp chairs including the camera that caught sand and dirt in it and we had to clean it all up. Bugger.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Off to the Games!

Shuttle Services Area in LAX

Max acclimating to his new "home"

Keesha "pooped" out

Checking in at the Changi Airport. Dogs were
rolled out to a special area to await
loading into the plane.

See the middle cart under the wing?
That is where the dogs are, we recognised
the red brick colur crates spoted very prominant
from afar in the bright afternoon.
Dogs are being loaded to the bottom backside of the plane

Well, we are off to the Games! Reached Los Angeles this morning at 11.45am. Checking out was smooth though slow. After a long 16 hrs of flight plus 2 hrs wait time with a layover in Japan where we had to buy mineral water to get the ground staff in Japan to check and water our dogs. We were a little worried for the dogs at first though in the end we realise that the only thing to concern about is the dogs not being with us during these 16 hrs. We took the Hotel Shuttle which accepts dogs btw to our Pet Friendly Hotel. Checked in, took the dogs out of the crate and walked them out the alley for a poop and pee, fed them, place them back in the room, Max wanted to smell every crook and crany of the room before settling down. We walked "3 blocks down" to look for our Car Rental Company, passed a strike commotion, looks like some bunch of people on strike against Hilton LAX. Got our car and drove back to our hotel for some lunch at Dennys. We were all dog tired and took some snooze before going to the mart to get some stuff.
As the Eagles say"Welcome to the Hotel California!"

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Preparations for the Trip to the USA.

We are almost ready...we think... Getting the paperwork and documents done for our dogs were the hassle however, the AVA people has been very patient and helpful in providing us lots of info on the importation and exportation of our dogs. Sad to say our dogs will still be quarantined when they are back from the US. We have made a mental note to visit them everyday except for Sundays when the Quarantine Station is Closed.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

FCI Dog Agility World Championship 2007

Looking at the other side of the world, Harmar, Norway....

The FCI World Championship has just ended on the 30th Sept. The Swiss are the winners again.

Toshi our friend and Agility Teacher has just return from there. Ranking no. 17 in the World Agility Large Individual. We extend our Congrats to Toshi and Queen Bee. The only Asian to be in the top 20 again.

We hope to meet him again next year either in Japan or get him over for our 2nd seminar in Singapore.

Congrats Toshi and Queen Bee! What a great run!

Some exciting amendment: Just called Toshi today, he is not rank 17 but 11 with his combine overall performance! Wow!! He is top 12 in FCI World Agility Championship! He says he is celebrating "a little bit" What a humble guy!

USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!

USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!
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