Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's back!

PUPS - Positive Interaction with Animals! from Dexter Sim on Vimeo.

Finally we can get back our very first video we made. It mean so much to us. We were very disappointed when our video was amended by another video hosting site.

All dog and handler teams in the video are positively trained. This Video aims to explain all dog-lovers that positively trained dogs can excel in dog sports such as Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Frisbee, Canine Freestyle Dancing etc

Positively trains dogs ROCK!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When I Got My New Dog

When I Got My New Dog

I asked for strength that I might rear her perfectly; I was given weakness that I might feed her more treats.

I asked for good health that I might rest easy; I was given a "special needs" dog that I might know nurturing.

I asked for an obedient dog that I might feel proud; I was given stubbornness that I might feel humble.

I asked for compliance that I might feel masterful; I was given a clown that I might laugh.

I asked for a companion that I might not feel lonely; I was given a best friend that I would feel loved.

I got nothing I asked for, But everything that I needed.

-- Author Unknown

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holidays Concerns

Tips for keeping your pet safe this holiday season.

Anchor your Christmas tree so it can't be knocked over by wrestling dogs or climbing cats. You can use eye hooks to anchor the tree into a corner.

If you have a live tree, change the water frequently so that your pets won't possibly drink stagnant, bacteria- or fertilizer-filled water.

Beware of tinsel, which can cause intestinal obstruction. Other ornaments may seem edible to your pet as well, particularly those that are strong smelling. Glass ornaments are also dangerous and should be placed up high if used at all.

Watch your pets around Christmas food. Xylitol, a sweetener, is toxic, as is chocolate, and some cooked bones will splinter and can cause damage. Fatty foods, like lots of turkey skin, can also cause intestinal harm. Alcoholic beverages are always a danger but may be more accessible during the holidays (particularly at parties).Keep your pet on his regular diet over the holidays and let your guests know not to slip treats to canine (or feline) beggars.

Food preparation items can be a danger as well, including string or twine used to tie up a turkey or other foods.

Holly, Mistletoe, and other holiday plants can be toxic or otherwise cause illness or distress. Plastic plants are safer options.

Lit candles and wires for Christmas lights can be dangerous. Pets can tip candles or chew on wires, so keep close watch and try placing dangerous items out of your pet's reach.

Consider crating your pet (or putting him in a closed room) during holiday parties and large family gatherings if the confusion may allow him to escape, be stepped on, or be unattended around dangerous holiday items.

Watch your pet with new Christmas toys and inspect them carefully to be sure that they are safe and not easy to tear apart and swallow.

Happy Holidays!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

CARBON PAWPRINT - Controversial Topic

Animal harm?

PARIS — Man’s best friend could be one of the environment’s
worst enemies, according to a new study which says the carbon
pawprint of a pet dog is more than double that of a gas-guz-
zling sports utility vehicle.

But the revelation in the book “Time to Eat the Dog: The
Real Guide to Sustainable Living” by New Zealanders Robert
and Brenda Vale has angered pet owners.
The Vales, specialists in sustainable living at Victo-
ria University of Wellington, analysed popular brands of
pet food and calculated that a medium-sized dog eats around
164kg of meat and 95kg of cereal a year.

With the land required to generate its food, a “medium”
sized dog has an annual foot- print of 0.84 hectares (8,400
square metres) — around twice the 0.41 hectares required by
a four-wheel drive travelling 10,000km a year, including en-
ergy to build it.

To confirm the results, the New Scientist magazine asked John Barrett at the Stockholm Environment Institute in York, Britain, to cal-
culate eco-pawprints based on his own data. The results were essentially the same. “Owning a dog really is quite an extravagance, mainly because of the carbon footprint of meat,” Mr Barrett said.

Cats have an eco-footprint almost equivalent to driving a Volkswagen Golf for a year, while two hamsters equates to a plasma television and even the humble goldfish burns energy equivalent to two mobile

But Reha Huttin, president of France’s 30 Million Friends animal rights foundation says the human impact of eliminating pets would be equally devastating. “Pets are anti-depressants, they help us cope with stress, they are good for the elderly,” said Ms Huttin. “I walk instead of using my car and I don’t eat meat, so why shouldn’t I be allowed to have a little cat to alleviate my loneliness?”
Sylvie Comont, owner of seven cats and two dogs — the environmental equivalent of a small fleet of cars — said: “I don’t feel like a polluter at all”. However, solutions exist, including reducing pets’ protein- rich meat intake.

Cynosport World Games 2010 updates....

Cynosport World Games 2010 updates

I've heard that USDAA Office will be announcing the Site for the Cynosport World Games 2010! We are looking forward to this announcment and if I qualify for 2010 World Championships, we will be thrilled to visit another part of US.

On another note, I've heard USDAA are considering ABBC Classes. ABBC Classes are Anything But Border Collie Classes.

Diamondisle Kennel

A glimsp into the Diamondisle Puppies. From past to present..... welcome to the Household of Champions!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Season Greeting from PUPS Singapore!

Hi All,

Wishing ALL A Merry Christmas & A Happy & Blessed New Year!

Dexter & Debra Sim
Household of Champion

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Ten Commandments


From a Dog's Point of View

1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years. Regular separation from you will be painful and can even cause depression. Think before you buy me.

2. Give me time to understand what you want from me don't be impatient, short-tempered or irritable.

3. Place your trust in me and I will always trust you back, respect is earned not given as some sort of inalienable right.

4. Don't be angry with me for long, and don't lock me up as punishment. I am not capable of understanding why I am being locked up. I only know I have been rejected. You have your work, entertainment and friends. I only have you.

5. Talk to me sometimes. Even if I don't understand your words, I do understand your tone. "You only have to look at my tail" to know that.

6. Be aware that however you treat me, I will never forget, if that treatment is unjust or bad, it may spoil the special bond between us.

7. Please do not hit me. I cannot hit back, but I can bite and scratch and I don't ever want to feel the need to do that.

8. Before you tell me off me for being uncooperative, obstinate, or lazy, ask yourself if something might be wrong with me. Perhaps I'm not getting the right food or I've been out in the sun too long, maybe my heart is getting old and weak, or maybe I'm just dog-tired.

9. Take care of me when I get old. You too will grow old and will also want care, love, and affection.

10. Go with me on difficult journeys. Never say, "I can't bear to watch" or "Let it happen in my absence".
Everything is easier for me if you are there. Remember, Irrespective of what you do I will always love you.

Friday, December 4, 2009

If I didn't have a dog!

If I didn't have a dog!

I could walk around the yard barefoot in safety.

My house could be carpeted instead of tiled and laminated.

All flat surfaces, clothing, furniture and cars would be
free of hair.

When the doorbell rings, it wouldn't sound like a kennel.

When the doorbell rings, I could get to the door without
wading through fuzzy bodies who beat me there.

I could sit on the couch and my bed the way I wanted,
Without taking into consideration how much space
several fur bodies would need to get comfortable.

I would have money and no guilt to go on a real vacation.

I would not be on a first-name basis with 6 veterinarians,
as I put their yet unborn grandkids through college.

The most used words in my vocabulary would not be: out,
sit, down, come, no, stay and leave him/her/it ALONE.

My house would not be cordoned off into zones with
baby gates or barriers.
I would not talk baby talk; 'Eat your din din'.
'Yummy yummy for the tummy'.

My house would not look like a day care center, toys

My pockets would not contain things like poop bags,
treats and an extra leash.

I would no longer have to spell the words B-A-L-L,
F-R-I-S-B-E- E, W-A-L-K, T-R-E-A-T, B-I-K-E, G-O, R-I-D-E

I would not have as many leaves (or pine needles) INSIDE my house as outside.

I would not look strangely at people who think having ONE
dog/cat ties them down too much.

I'd look forward to spring and the rainy season instead
of dreading 'mud' season.

I would not have to answer the question 'Why do you have
so many animals?' from people who will never have the joy
In their lives of knowing they are loved unconditionally by
someone as close to an angel as they will ever get.

How EMPTY my life would be!!

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains un-awakened.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PAAPP Obedience & Agility Trials!

PAAPP Obedience & Agility Trials Photos

USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!

USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!
USDAA Singapore