Saturday, February 17, 2018

PUPS Blog Series - The Myths of Raw Feeding!

The Myths of Raw Food!

PUPS Blog Series - The Myths of Raw Food!

Have you heard about BARF! 

What is BARF? 

BARF is B - Biological, A -Appropriate, R - Raw, F - Food

Raw feeding is the practice of feeding domestic dogs, cats and other carnivores a diet primarily of uncooked meat, edible bones, and organs. Of course with some doses of vegetables.
I buy Chicken Wings, Chicken Backs, Chicken Thighs, Beef cubes, Lambs, Fishes, Porks, inlets etc ... these are common and can be purchased easily.

In any diet, we need to ensure there are proteins, carbs, fats, bones(calcium) and fiber. Raw food has all ingredients except vegs. Therefore you will need to provide vegs to ensure your dog has fiber in his diet.

The Myths about eating RAW will bring out the wildest of the domesticated dogs and cats are not the truth, as there's no scientific data to support this myth. I rather categorized all about command, control, behavioural aspect to training. And if you start training early, you have a good chance to have all these training issues under control.

So what're the benefits of BARF diet?

1. Food is easily absorbed by the body, thus your dog's poos are lesser, cleaner and no foul smell, (I use one standard plastic bag to pick up 3 dog's poo)

2. Raw food is without preservative, no soy and free from chemicals,

3. Cleaner Teeth and fresh breath, (Bones provided are good tools to clean teeth & ensure healthy gums)

4. Healthier Skin & coat, (Raw food normalize your body, thus ensure healthier skin and coat)

5. Improve degenerative diseases, (Raw clean up & stabilize your dog's body, thus improve mobility, mind, and spirit)

6. Optimal lean and healthy weight, 

7. Improve Immune Systems (Raw triggers natural stage of the dog's body, thus improve immune system)

I challenge you, if you don't believe in the wonders of RAW, please try and you will never regret it.
In my personal experience, actually, it's my wife that wanted to give it try. And we never regret it and have reaped many benefits from RAW DIETS.

Seeing your dog healthy, happy & enjoy good quality life are the objectives why I consider BARF!

Have fun & stay positive!


Monday, February 5, 2018

The World of Border Collie!

The World of Amazing Border Collies...

 (L-R: Phoebe - Chocolate, Hershey - Blue-Merle and Benji - Black-White from DiamondIsle Kennel)

PUPS Blog Series - The World of Amazing Border Collies!

The Border Collie is a working and herding dog breed developed in the Anglo-Scottish border region for herding livestock, especially sheep. It was specifically bred for intelligence and obedience.

Border Collie Other names Scottish Sheepdog(sometimes confused with the related Welsh Sheepdog)Origin United KingdomEnglish-Scottish border


Weight Male 14–20 kg (31–44 lb)Female 12–19 kg (26–42 lb)

Height Male 48–56 cm (19–22 in)Female 46–53 cm (18–21 in)

 (L-R: Millie - Black-White, Jadie - Chocolate and Guinness - Red-White from DiamondIsle Kennel)

Coat Smooth or rough double coat

Colour Solid coloured, bicoloured or tricoloured on blue merle, red merle, chocolate merle, liver, lilac merle, bear, chocolate, lilac, blue, sable merle, sable, shaded sable, chocolate sable, black, white, red, or brindle, or orange,

Lifespan 10–15 years, average 12 years

Health Hardy and healthy except some hereditary Collie Eye Anomaly, Epilepsy and Hip Dysplasia

Training Highly trainable, excel in most dog sports

Children Not suitable for family with kids younger than 6 years old as your BCs see children as their sheep and goes into herding overdrive

12 characters you ought to know about owning a BCs; 

1. A Highly intelligent dog, if you do not train him, he will become a pain in your neck, is with his intelligent, he is an escape artist,
2. Very Active breed. You will need to play and walk him daily, BC is not a couch potato,
3. BC intense Stare. You will have a dog that is fixated on any animals, things or objects,
4. Stimulated Mentally. Because he is so smart, if you can work him out mentally or giving him a job to do, he will turn your crazy with his undispensed energy,
5. Ball-all-the-time. Yes, this is a breed that can play fetch ball all day long, or after a short rest after a good play, he will recharge and all ready to go again,
6. Reserve-shy towards people. BC is not suitable as a guard dog. They are reserved but can be warm up easily,
7. Always into herding overdrive. BC periodically or frequently will go into herding overdrive, he will herd anything, people, kids, animals etc,
8. Sharp Eye. With a sharp eye it means, he stares at any moving things; joggers, bikers, blazers, dogs, cats, birds, almost or not everything that moves,
9. Good work ethic - Workaholic. Yes BC is the workhorse of its class, the finest premier sheepdog for farmers and cattle owners, if you give him a job, he will definitely do it well,
10. Quick-thinking. Yes, he is so quick-witted, if you let him decide what he wants to do, all hell will break loose. Management is the key,
11. Non-stop action. Yes, with BC, you will not have free time. All your free time will be playing fetch, tug-o-war, frisbee etc ... unless you absolutely love actions, this breed might be too much for you to handle.
12. Very Sensitive dog. Often very sensitive to owner's command and always able to predicts owner's actions.

So before you start looking at Border Collies or any breed, I would recommend you to do some quality research on the breed, characteristics, and nature.

A good & responsible dog ownership starts by knowing you owe the dog their lifetime. Lots of LOVE, HUG, and KISSES from you and your dog will love you back without reservation.

As always have fun & stay positive!

Positive is not permissive ... 

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