Thursday, August 21, 2008

What does Dog Agility and the Olympics have in common?


It is amazing what technology is nowadays. For pin point accuracy: Dartfish software is used in the Olympics and any other sports that requires detailed information on performance, movements, posture, direction, comparisons etc. No more guesswork when training. This is so cool! I believe our sports team here is Singapore is also using Dartfish during training.

Alan Tay who own Dartfish for Dog Agility has flown here to introduce to us how Dartfish has helped him and his dog improve in their Agility Performances and helped him and his students in their training. It is one supercool software but it does come with a price.

Alan Tay who lives in Colorado, has a Beautiful 100 by 100ft Agility Field in his ranch for his own training with his dogs and for his students. He owns Powerpups School for Dog Agility. We were very happy to have met him at the Cynosports Games last year while we were competing! You know the feeling of meeting a fellow Singaporean in a foreign country. Alan's very tech savvy and it will be a great boost to us with his knowledge in Agility training and competitions. Alan's holding an Agility Clinic next weekend and he allows 8 working spots for the 2 days only so 3 more spaces left. Unlimited Audit spaces are available!

(Correction as of todate is 1 working spot remain and unlimited Audit spaces!)

We welcome Alan to Singapore and wish him an enjoyable stay here!

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