Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Alan Tay's Agility Clinic Review

Well, we just completed our Agility Clinic last weekend!

We had 9 Agility Attendees all working spot. Great weather too!

Alan's knowledge in Agility has given us great tips on Fundamental Training as well as some advance training skills! With the help of Dartfish, Alan showed us our runs in slow motion immediately after our runs into the Projector Screen and pointed out our good runs as well as not so good runs. We also get to see how our dogs jumped and he explained what an ideal jump from a dog is. From the video we are able to freeze frame to the exact point where the dog was jumping. Dartifish is able to point out the exact faults so that we are able to improve on it. It is really an eye opener for some of us. We are glad that Alan came and we are able to learn so much from him. Leaving some Clinic Attendees asking when will be his next clinic.

He showed us his technique to his tight front crosses, and tight entry to the Weaves. Made everyone practice till we get it right. Explained the training of contacts and the different methods available. Like Alan says which we have always agree, that is to train with quality and not quantity.

We thank Alan again for coming down to see us at the Dog Show and for conducting this Agility Clinic! We would also like to thank Gillian, Alan's daughter for taking her time to company her dad for the 2 nights and patiently filming our runs.

Also thank you to all that attended the seminar, Happy Training and Trialing!

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USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!
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