Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Southern California

Here we are at one of the suburbs of Southern California near Roscoe Blvd. Real California feel now with all the tall palm trees and long stretch of roads. Don't forget we are driving on the left hand side. Dexter although has driven on the left hand side a few times still has some getting use to cause the roads are so different here. We got honked by impatient Californians a few times but hey we are "Tourists!" There is such a big difference of people here, from the very rich to the middle class to the homeless people lugging their trolleys picking things at the trash. Guess who is the governer of California, none other than the "Terminator" star,"I'll be back" guy, Arnold Swazxxxger (sorry forgot how to spell his name). It is interesting to note that we have watched him so much on TV being the hero and all it seems so reel that he could have just lift his finger and saved the Canyon Fires that was spreading real fast in Malibu, CA. But real life hits hard and the fires are still burning and The Govenor has ask for help from neighbouring states to get assistance in saving the fire.

Just completed our Day 1 training this Afternoon at Contact Point's Training Centre. The ground was super dry and sandy. The Southern winds are blowing down real strong towards the Pacific Ocean giving us dry cool but sandy winds. Temp was around the range of 70 to 75 degree farienheit This is the first time the dogs are training on such weather and surface. But seems like they are getting the hang of it better than we do. We had trouble running on the surface at first and the sands were blowing right at our face. We practically ate dirt, I mean sand in our mouths, had a fall giving me small abrasions on my hands and knees but it is all part and parcel of training.

We should be putting up some pics and videos by Wednesday, today's weather was so windy all our stuff got blown off our camp chairs including the camera that caught sand and dirt in it and we had to clean it all up. Bugger.

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USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!
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