Friday, October 19, 2007

Off to the Games!

Shuttle Services Area in LAX

Max acclimating to his new "home"

Keesha "pooped" out

Checking in at the Changi Airport. Dogs were
rolled out to a special area to await
loading into the plane.

See the middle cart under the wing?
That is where the dogs are, we recognised
the red brick colur crates spoted very prominant
from afar in the bright afternoon.
Dogs are being loaded to the bottom backside of the plane

Well, we are off to the Games! Reached Los Angeles this morning at 11.45am. Checking out was smooth though slow. After a long 16 hrs of flight plus 2 hrs wait time with a layover in Japan where we had to buy mineral water to get the ground staff in Japan to check and water our dogs. We were a little worried for the dogs at first though in the end we realise that the only thing to concern about is the dogs not being with us during these 16 hrs. We took the Hotel Shuttle which accepts dogs btw to our Pet Friendly Hotel. Checked in, took the dogs out of the crate and walked them out the alley for a poop and pee, fed them, place them back in the room, Max wanted to smell every crook and crany of the room before settling down. We walked "3 blocks down" to look for our Car Rental Company, passed a strike commotion, looks like some bunch of people on strike against Hilton LAX. Got our car and drove back to our hotel for some lunch at Dennys. We were all dog tired and took some snooze before going to the mart to get some stuff.
As the Eagles say"Welcome to the Hotel California!"

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