Thursday, April 10, 2014

Intro Beat-the-clock as fun event!

In this 12th USDAA International Dog Agility Sanctioned Trials we are introducing a new game (fun event) - Best the clock!

Beat the clock (Fun Event)
The objective of this game is for the team to collect as many points and bank it in before the time runs out. A standard course time of 50-60 seconds will be given.  The Scoring System is 1-2-3-5 system.

The dog and handler begin in the center of the clock where the dog must perform the tire that begins course time and perform a series of obstacles on the course.  Time will start when the dog completes the tire. The team will strategize the collecting of points.  The Team can choose to bank-in the points at any point of the course to ensure all those points
collected are bank-in and recorded.  Any points collected after the expiry of the time and not banked-in will be forfeited. Banking-in requires the dog to be on the table (all 4 paws on table) to register the points collected.  Faults are assessed for dropping bars and missed contacts. Refusals will not be called.

Scoring: Beat the Clock is scored points then time with the highest score winning.

There are two height categories – Mini and Open.  The top 3 teams from each height category are awarded trophies.

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