Sunday, September 4, 2011

Local Agility Shows on 3 SEPT 2011!


Pictures by Lynn Tan.

This Agility Shows all PUPSters came out and flood the West Coast Park Dog Run with the SEA OF RED! See the pictures above showing our new CRAZYK9 logo which symbolizes LOVE, LOYALTY, TRUST, BOND and SPORTSMANSHIP among our PUPSters and their K9 Partners.

We are very proud instructors of PUPSters and our Positive Warriors all came out and put forward their brilliant performances. Our Positive Warriors are Blossom & Ann, Vidya & YuLin, Hope & Nicole, Sky, Toby & Gillian and Millie, Ashley & Debra.

Even though I started my morning with very bad sore back and I have to be carried away by an ambulance. All PUPSters remain claim, collected and with great fighting spirit and the love for their dogs, put forward a brave fight. I am especially proud because from this agility shows, I can witness great improvement in all students, in movement, flows, direction, intends and controls. You must be very proud that you and your dogs have displayed great performances this time round.

Of course, we must recognized our winners; SKY & GILLAIN won a Qed and a 2nd Place in the Maxi-Novice Agility Class and VIDYA & YULIN won a Qed and a 2nd Place in the Mini-Novice Agility Class. Both Gillian and YuLin had their first CLEAN RUN in SKC and their K9 Partners SKY & VIDYA have live up to their expectations. Great job TEAM!

Not forgetting our great supporters, Lynn Tan, Bernie Oh, Kamal, Edmund took their time to wear RED and came with their great supports. Especially when I was trapped to my chair, I was indeed very well entertained by this group of great people.

Let's continue to work hard and you will reap better results from your very own hardwork and fun training your k9 partners.

As always, have fun & stay positive!

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