Monday, August 8, 2011

Great DogSport Weekend @7 Aug 2011

Sunday started off with a heavy morning rain. For those who do not have outdoor activity were very please with the rain and all stayed indoor to catch up with their sleep and rest. But for those of us who have outdoor activity such as Agility, were praying for the rain to stop. The weather continue to rain until about 2.30pm, and the sun came out and bring us hope.

In the evening we have Sky, Toby and Gillian and Bailey, Ken and Cheryl. The first group started at 4pm, we were drilling on movement, flow and intends. With Gillian focusing more on her motion, flow and intends, Sky and Toby read her like a book, keeping all bars up and making an excellent flow and motion on course. Even the youngster Toby is running up to 6 obstacles and keeping all bars up.

The second group came at 5pm, Bailey and Ken need some warm-up exercise to get Bailey up to speed. Bailey were giving great attention after a good warm-up games of tugs, play and treats. Bailey and Ken have improved tremendously, the motion, flow and intends given helps Bailey to quickly understand Ken's motion, direction and intention. Bailey now can jumps up to 6 obstacles such as Open Tunnel, Jumps and Pause Table. Crosses such as front-cross, post-turn, tandem turn, push and pull strategy building up Bailey agility vocabulary.

Marvelous training, excellent execution, motion, direction, flow and intend build up the team confidence in handling agility obstacles. We all had fun and as we stay positive, our training will continue to improve.

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USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!
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