Sunday, July 3, 2011

Great Agility Weekend - 2-3 JULY!

Great Agility Weekend - 2-3 July 2011!

A superb weekend of Dog Agility. We started with Hope & Nicole while Yulin is on holidays and Melvin back to Indonesia. For your information, Saturday was humid, hope & nicole were having tough time coping with the heat. However Hope & Nicole were performing very well. Especially in being able to manage the pace of their runs, very well executed crosses such as blind crosses, front crosses and tandem crosses. The team has very good eye on the line of the dog where given them very handy informations to manage, plan and control on their skills to improve their runs.

I have done many agility exercises with Millie and had some good runs. Special attention is given to Dogwalk, Weaveploes, Jumping, Broadjump and various crosses. During one of my run, benji was too excited and he decided to join the run, and I almost collided into him and I fell as I change my course to avoid a head on collision.

Millie was great this weekend, she was slick and performed excellently with her superpace weavepoles, running contacts, her trademark superslick pace jumping through the obstacles effortlessly.

In between agility training, Millie was called into action for some frisbee training. I also went for a good walk with Ashley. During our walk, we were confronted with a very daring Singapore Dog. I tried to pick up 2 stones to throw toward him and not at him to stop him to keep stalking us. By my 3rd attempt to pick up a stone, that street-smart dog, decided to turn-around and continue his journey home.

On Sunday, the weather is better, we were able to train before the sky hold no more at late six plus. Sky, Toby and Gillian had a great time. Starting from Sky, he is very quick and impatient, and Gillian need to be on her toe to be able to spar with Sky at his pace. In today training, Gillian and Sky did well in managing each other pace, skill, attention and commitment. On the other hand, Toby has been excellent. Toby did many cool runs with Gillian in short courses and Toby is showing his class. Keep watch for this team, they will be team to reckon in the future of Dog Agility in Singapore.

All in all a very fruitful and eventful weekend. Can't wait to start training with Millie again. We need to keep working as we prepare for the 9th USDAA International Dog Agility Sanctioned Trials in 2 weeks time. So if you have time and looking for a weekend of fun, do join us at Seng Kang Riverside Park on 16,17 July 2011.

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