Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brave PUPsterS!

Today we went to our local kennel club show as a bystanders and not a participants. I quite like the feeling, however I will prefer to a participants anytime. We have 3 brave PUPsterS entered this show. They are Gillian and Sky, Nicole and Hope and Anderson and Blossom. Weather is good and all of us enjoyed the shows tremendously.

After a long break, Nicole and Hope are back and this team came back with a bang! Two clean runs in their maxi-novice jumpers class and earned their Jumping Dog Title. Well done Nicole and Hope, great wins with great handling. Anderson is a faithful USDAA scorer and she always have to give up her chances in USDAA Trials as a volunteer so that other participants can enjoy the shows. Thank God for local kennel show, now she can concentrate on her run. Guess what? Anderson and Blossom came in 3rd in the mini-novice jumpers class and this is their first clean run. Well done Ann and Blossom, your hardwork have paid off.

Gillian and Sky also have their good runs, however due to some faults, cause this team their win and placing. Take heart Gillian, continue to work hard, you will see your efforts pays off one day.

This being a great opportunity we brought along Guinness and she has proof her obedience. Guinness is so concentrated on us, she is quick to respond to her recall, distraction and a tempting big field to romp around. She has passed his test with flying color, she socializing well with all dogs and she is ready to enter competition when she is ready to compete.

Thanks to our supporters, Lynn, Yulin, kamal, Alex and Debra. This great support have given our participants strength to do well in the competition.

What a great day today? Once again well done to our brave PUPsterS,

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