Sunday, July 17, 2011

9th USDAA Trials Report - 160711!

We are pleased to announce that our USDAA participants have surpassed our target of 50 supporters, thanks to all USDAA participants and those who love this great sport and the fun of doing agility with our beloveth Canine Partners.

Yesterday was our 9th USDAA Sanctioned Trials 2011. We were honour to have Mr. Kenneth Tatsch, our President of USDAA Inc to grace our event. We also have our sponsor Mr. Vincent John and Andy representing CASA FERA from Hong Kong, China and thanks to their generous sponsor of our prizes.

We were blessed with an excellent weather after a scary Saturday whole day rain storm. Miraculously, the weather were beautiful, the ground was fairly dry and we all had a swell day. This 9th USDAA, we were focusing on the full PERFORMANCE TITLING programmes.

We started with Snooker and Gamblers Class. Participants were presented with various challenges and technical difficulties however without forgoing the speed element of the sport, making the dog agility a continuous movement of speed, control and handling.

After our lunch break, we continue with the Pairs Relay, Beat-the-Clock games, the standard agility and the jumpers class. We have progressed tremendously, as we have participants in Performance 2 Standard Agility and Performance 2 and Performance 3 Jumpers Class.

We have in total 18 Qualifications awarded and many went home with our beautiful Medallions from Hong Kong, China, thanks to CASA FERA.

Both our guests from Hong Kong and our President, enjoyed the event and were impressed with the qualities and skills of our participants.

Once again we cannot but appreciate our volunteers of our event; Ann, Bernie, Gail, Catherine, Lynn, Gillian, Alloysius, a BIG THANK to YOU, without you we will NOT have our USDAA Trials.

Last but not lest, we also wanted to thank all participants for always supporting USDAA and this Great Sport of Dog Agility and I'm confident that we can see more growth in this community and let's all work together to see this sport reach another level in Singapore.

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