Monday, June 6, 2011

Great Dogsport Weekend!

Last Saturday was an interesting and frustrating day. The morning heavy showers came when we were conducting our agility training. Force to abandon training, but managed to kick some butt before rain stop. Both Vidya and Hope were having a swell time and since they were already wet, owners don't mind them even wet-tier.

The afternoon training slot were better, no rain but weather were hot! Yoyo was on MC, so we have our veteran Milo, Bloosom, Ashley and Blaze. I must tell you that the small dogs were doing great! Blaze and Bloosom were conquering the courses easily. Even our veteran Milo, who won't even bother to attempt the teeter, just within that hour, Milo attempted the teeter twice. He didn't worry much, but was frighten by his owner Anderson's screaming for him to stop in the middle of the obstacle. This was also Melvin and Ashley first lesson, therefore time is needed to build the bond of this team. But I must say, Ashley is already quite good on basic stuff such as tunnels, jumps etc

Sunday were gloomy, the heavy downpour resulted in massive floods in Singapore, such as in Orchard Road. Our hot shopping belt were disrupted by the floods and even on Monday, people are still dealing with the aftermath of the flood. With such heavy rain, Sunday were largely utilized for sleeping...... I slept through the whole afternoon :)

And in the night, both Debra and me went to Sembawang Park for a very nice dinner. Even-though the ambience wasn't great, the meals were value for money. A nice place to take a stroll after a nice dinner.

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USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!
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