Saturday, June 18, 2011

Excellent Day for Agility!

A very interesting weather, the whole day has been very cooling, very breezy and it's been a full day Agility Training for our students and me and our very own puppy.

Early in the morning, we kick started agility classes with Vidya & YuLin and Hope & Nicole. Today's challenges are Board Jumps, Weavepoles, Pin-wheels and usual crosses such as front-cross, rear-cross, blind-cross, tandem-turns etc Very good attempts by Vidya and Hope and both went away this morning very satisfied with their own performances.

In the early afternoon, I have a go with my own dogs, Millie, Ashley ..... had a few similar challenges and went away very satisfying with their performances.

In the late evening, we have Melvin with Ashley, Bernie with Yoyo, Ann with Blossom and Aloysius with Blaze. All attempted the similar challenges and all had an excellent runs! Bernie have found a new motivator for Yoyo, and Yo have responded well to this motivator .... hope bernie will make good use of this new found toy. Melvin also found a new motivator for Ashley, and he is responding, very happy with the motivators ..... sometime overly excited.

Not forgetting our old friend Vivien came with her new foster dog Kira. This is Kira first warm-up session and she stack-up to the challenges; jumps, A-frame, Tunnels, Tyre etc ....she seems a natural....

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USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!
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