Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hershey unexpected retirement

Just a few weeks ago, both Deb and myself were dreaming of Hershey debut in our 9th USDAA Sanctioned Trials in late July. Deb have spent so much time training Hershey and she is good and ready for action. Now we have to prematurely retire hershey from Dog Agility.

3 weeks ago, she had raptured her ligament. Thanks to an inconsiderate neighbour, who let their dog out to roam close to my gate and resulted in Hershey charging on their dog one morning. After that she has been limping ever since. Deb brought her to a Vet and was diagnosed of raptured ligament and was recommended surgery. But after reading so much information on the internet, we decided to give hershey more time to recover than to subject her to surgery which might or might not guarantee recovery.

At this moment, our prime concern is her quality of life. She must have the ability to walk, run and jump at a later stage. If by the 8th weeks, she is not making effort to use her injured paw, we will have no choice but to subject her to surgery.

Now, she has progressed from using her injured paw to walk, run, stand, and putting weight on her injured paw. This is very encouraging and we will start brining her to therapy, swimming in heated water to help in her recovery process.

We won't be rushing her back to active activity or training, we will observe thoroughly and see if external helps is require.

Let's pray for hershey full recovery, thanks.

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