Tuesday, September 14, 2010

8th USDAA Sanctioned Trials last Weekends!

Last weekends, Our 8th USDAA International Dog Agility Sanctioned Trials was a blast! Two full days of action-packed activities. We wanted to thank the Judges, Mr Rowel De Guia from the Philippines and Mr Dexter Sim from our home country Singapore, for judging our events.

On Saturday dated 11 September 2010, we had our Championships Titling Events such as Starters Standard Agility, Advanced Standard Agility, Starters Jumpers, Advanced Jumpers and our games such as Starters Gamblers, Starters Pairs Relay & Starters Snookers Classes. And on Sunday dated 12 September 2010, we had our Performance Titling Events and our International Tournament. The Performance Titling Events are P1 Standard Agility, P2 Standard Agility, P1 Jumpers, P2 Jumpers and the Tournaments Classes are Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships qualifier and Master Dog Agility Steeplechase World Championships qualifier.

We had a total of 154 runs on Saturday and 58 runs on Sunday. Out of 212 runs, we have 29 that earned a qualification of the classes they enrolled in. What is worth commenting is that we have 2 qualification in Starters Gamblers, 3 qualification in Starters Snooker and 6 qualification in Starters Pairs Relay Classes. We are seeing more qualification in our game section. Traditionally we are strong in the Standard Agility & Jumpers section.

This was the first trials in Singapore that we didn't get wet, both days we were blessed with great weather, well it rain for just 1-2 minutes in both days. All thanks to our God whom we trust. We also wanted to thank all our volunteers, photographers, video-men, competitors and helpers in lending a hand or two to make last weekends trials truly a blast! We all had fun and we look forward to yet another Successful USDAA Sanctioned Trials in the near future.

Our next 9th USDAA Sanctioned Trials will be in March/April 2011. Keep watch on the upcoming event coming your way.

For the trials results please visit http://usdaa.pups.sg/ for details.

Last but not least, we wanted to thank all spectators who make their way there to support our competitors in action. I'm sure they have enjoyed watching the top dog teams in Singapore competing last weekends.

Congrats to all Winners, a well deserved wins for all.

Many Thanks

PUPS Hosting Group

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