Monday, January 25, 2010

PUPS Dog Sports Demo @ RustiRun!

PUPS Dog Sports Demo at RustiRun Event this morning 24 Jan 2010
I want to thank RustiRun of having us and we are there for a series of Dog Sports Demonstrations to promote Positively Trained Dogs Can Do It All!

We kicked start with our 1st Dog Sport Discipline, some call it K9 Freestyle or Heelwork to Music, but to put it simply it is Doggy Dancing! Mikah and Debra will performed a minutes routine to the song Achy Breaky Heart. A Westurn line dancing song that Mikah enjoys dancing too. Debra and Mikah hopes that this sport will pick up in Singapore!

PUPS 2nd favorite Demo will be demonstrated by our members the CrazyK9s Flyball Team. Flyball is another popular sports that dog lovers do with their dogs. It is fun and energy burning! Both dogs and their owners love this game!

Lets hear it from Team CrazyK9s! Team A - Christine & Micky (BC), Tina & Buddy (BC) & YuLin & Vidya (Cocker Spaniel). Team B - Gloria & Sparky (Corgi), Ken & Bozz (BC) & Evelyn & Billion (BC).

Our 3rd Demo is Dog Frisbee or Canine Freestyle. Benji enjoys a good game of Frisbee and this is one of his favourite rewards after a good training session. Dexter and Benji will show you some of the moves you can do with a Frisbee. Butterfly, multiple, under the legs, over the legs, over your back, the salute, the catch…..

Our final Demo is our Agility Dog Sports. Agility show a dog’s natural athleticism. Athleticism is represented by a dog’s working ability, which is defined by the dynamics of their physical build as well as their willingness to work.

The challenge presented in this demo are weavepole, pin-wheel over 360 degree turns, a fast home stetch of jumps over tunnels jumps combination. Our Agility Demo Team are Christine & Micky (BC), Tina & Buddy (BC), YuLin & Vidya (Cocker Spaniel), Gillian & Sky (BC), Nicole & Hope (Golden-X) & Dexter & Benji (BC).

All demonstration videos are available at PUPS YOUTUBE CHANNEL -

We want to thank PUPS Demo Team and our volunteers, Gail our Videocam Woman, Dawn and Berny for manning of PUPS booth and answering all dog training questions, Anthony our photographer.

Without you guys and girls, our PUPS Dog Sports Demo will not be a great success! Thanks again, and we hope you all enjoyed yourself at RustiRun Events.

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