Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy Bees at 6th USDAA Sanctioned Trials and 1st Ever Dog Frisbee Event Competition!

It has been a very hectic 2 weeks before and during our 6th USDAA Dog Agility Sanctioned Trials and our First Ever Dog Frisbee Competitions held at the West Coast Park Dog Run. We had to occasionally go to the airport to pick up our Judges and friends that came to Singapore for supporting our event and also to learn from these great dog loving people. Our Judges for this event are John Zhao, Guang Zhou China, Roel De Guia, Phillipines our very own Judge Dexter Sim, Singapore and our Guest of Honour Mr Kenneth Tatsch, President of USDAA!

The event came with an International feel as participants from Australia, USA, Malaysia took part for the first time in our event giving the locals a run for their money!

Luke of Calanais Border Collies, our friend and breeder of Spice our Border Collie came and stayed with us for 12 full days to participate in our Dog Show Events in Singapore and held a 2 day workshop in Agility for our participants who has learned alot during the 2 day workshop which has reaped great benefits to the peeps that attended it as it showed when they won in some of the events during our USDAA Trials held just a few days after the workshop. Luke also participated running our dogs Max and Benji for the titling and tournament event for the first time even though there was little training with our dogs, he trialed them with real professionalism. Luke was the centerpiece of attraction to all that came to watch the event as he smoothly gave some clean runs and showed some great handling skills which benefited everyone by just watching him run. If there was a prize on the best Agility Handler Competition held, our Guang Zhuo Judge John Zhao would have selected Luke as the Best Agility Handler for the event as he was very impress to see such great handling. Week before was an FCI Dog Show event held at the Serangoon CC and Luke showed Spice for the first time all the way from Best of Breed to Best Junior in Group(Pastoral) to 3rd in Group(Pastoral) to Reserve Best Junior in Show! Finishing Spice to her Ch. Title as she was short of 5 points to the title.Thanks again Luke for being here, running our dogs and thank you for helping us to run our USDAA event so smoothly and also keeping our other Judges and our Guest of Honour company! Not once did we hear him complaint when we had to travel back to our grounds to clear the rubbish left by our trialers after the event and miss out shopping for "Jeffrey" nor when we missed many of our breakfast cause we were so exhausted the night before. We also miss out drinking "Turtle Soup" which I believe he so wanted to try la, NOT! More videos on our PUPS youtube channel.

Our Judges John and Roel have been so patient and wonderful people keeping the event up and running, they are also the first Judges to Judge our 1st ever Frisbee Event held here bringing the event a refreshing feel to it. Congrats to all Frisbee Participants and also Frisbee Sponsors, Smartdoggy and Pet Lovers Centre for sponsoring the Frisbees for the event! Dexter our Singapore Judge cum course builder cum host cum organiser cum trialer was also very patient and helped kept Saturday's event running smoothly and on time even though we were held up for a while in that morning due to a hiccup with the equipments.

Our surprise Guest of Honour Mr Kenneth Tatsch came all the way from USA to support and grace our event and we really appreciate his presence and it boasted everyone's moral!

Our Malaysian friends from KL and Penang also came to watch and support our event. Sue, Adrianne, Janice, Chan, Bernard, Fawn, Susan and Mun Yee. Thank you neighbours for helping out during the event!

Our volunteers, Patrick, Anderson, Bernadette, Christine, Nicole, Vivien,Tina, Alvin, Luke, Anthony, Eric(Driver) and anyone that helped us one way or another, Thank You.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Eukanuba, Rusty's, Pet Lovers Centre and Smartdoggy for being co sponsors for the event and Nparks for supporting the event.

PHOTOS are up and running at our website USDAAsg Courtesy of Fawn(KL) and Luke(Australia) and some from my own camera.

We have also put up Luke's visit photo page and the photos he took during his stay here.

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