Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1st Ever Frisbee Competition in Singapore @12/13 Sept 2009!

Single Disc Event - Frisbee Competition on 12/13 SEPT 2009! - Edit

Hi Dog Sport Enthusiasts,

As you may have heard we are organizing Our First Ever Frisbee Competitions in Singapore running concurrently with Our hotly contested 6th USDAA Sanctioned Trials.

One of the Frisbee Competition is known as SINGLE DISC EVENT!
Our contestants will have to start throwing their frisbee behind a 14m or 15yard line. There will be 2 Judges, one will be the Line Judge and the other will be the Field Judge. Every contestants will be given 120sec (2Mins) to throw frisbee as many attempts as possible. Contestants are not allow to go the fetch the frisbee, your K9 contestants partner are suspose to Catch and fetch the frisbee back to you.

There are 3 lines of catchment areas;
1) Beyond 18m or 20yard - every successful catch = 1 point, every successful catch in the air = 2 points,
2) Beyond 27m or 30yard - every successful catch = 2 point, every successful catch in the air = 3 points,
3) Beyond 37m or 40yard - every successful catch = 3 points, every successful catch in the air = 4 points.
(Every successful catch air = 4 paws off the ground)

And within 120 seconds or 2 minutes, the contestants pair with the highest scoring will be crown Frisbee Champion of the Single Disc Event!

So if you are game enough, why not join us and show us what you and your K9 partners can do!

See you ya!

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