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Notes for Upcoming 2009 Cynosport Games

Notes for the Upcoming 2009 Cynosport GamesPosted Date: May 12, 2009
Get a head start in planning for one of the most exciting canine events in the world!


November seems far away, but if you are thinking about attending the 2009 Cynosport World Games in Scottsdale, Arizona, from November 11 - 15, you might want to plan ahead. Book your hotels and flights early since a NASCAR event will be in town during the same weekend. Airplane tickets will be at their lowest prices between now and the end of June as well.

USDAA will once again live stream from the Games free of charge. Events will be offered "on demand" after the fact for a very nominal charge to cover extra bandwidth costs.

Every year it takes hundreds of volunteers to make the Games run smoothly. Most jobs require only "on the job training" and some can be done by people who have never competed in agility. Games volunteers can work for one-half day, one day, or even every day!

Volunteers describe many benefits from helping out at this amazing event:

"This year will be the fourth year I've been a dedicated volunteer at the
Cynosport World Games. It is an incredible opportunity to have the best seats in the house and watch the best agility competitors in the world walking courses, discussing strategy, memorizing courses, and competing. Oh, did I mention world-class shopping, and plenty of time to do it, as well as to watch other dog events?

I'm one of several members of NOMAD, an agility club in northern Vermont,
who look forward to this as an annual working vacation. I'll have to admit one of the big attractions is the beautiful outdoor site and the weather. It's no sacrifice to trade cold cloudy Vermont for sunny Scottsdale in November. We look forward to seeing other dedicated volunteers from other parts of the country year after year." --Lynne von Trapp

"I have throughly enjoyed working these events for a number of reasons including the opportunity to watch and met some of the top handlers in the world. I have also come away from these events reinvigorated and ready to work hard with my own dogs to hopefully someday reach this level of competition. I am usually assigned to the scorer's table for the week so I also get to refresh my knowledge of scoring and of the USDAA's rules in general. Finally, I feel that by participating in this event I am giving back to a sport that I love and strengthening the friendships that I have made over the years in agility." --Kimberly O'Conner

"This will be my fifth year traveling from Vermont to volunteer at the Cynosport Games in Scottsdale. I volunteer full-time Thursday through Sunday, but that still allows plenty of time to visit the vendors and to watch flyball, disc dog, and dock diving. And there is always time to socialize with my agility pals from around the country.

Why do I go without a dog? First, I don't have a dog who competes at that level. And much as I hate to leave my dogs at home, I suspect I have much more fun in Scottsdale without them. My time in Scottsdale is free of responsibilities and anxieties. It is pure fun in the sun! It's my vacation in the perfect Arizona weather with good friends and the best agility in the country. Late October/early November in Vermont tends to be gray and cold, so in a way this trip extends my summer season.

This is the one event where agility people from around the country gather once a year. I wouldn't want to miss it. The level of handler and dog skill is very high in all the rings, and that makes almost every run fun and inspiring to watch. We get to see the results of new training and handling ideas from around the country.

Karen Gloor is another reason I make the trip every year. She has the volunteers beautifully organized, and she is so appreciative of the Vermont crew. We are all friends, and we have fun together on this trip." --Lisa Barrett

If you are interested in having a front row seat for some of the best agility action in the world, contact Cynosport Games volunteer coordinator Karen Gloor at, or via telephone at: (480) 539-8333.

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