Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hugely Successful 5th USDAA Sanctioned Trials!

Hi All,

We are very pleased to announce that we had a Hugely Successful 5th USDAA International Dog Agility Sanctioned Trials last weekends in Bishan Park Dog Run.

The weather for the weekends were fantastic, it's hot and dry and we had a very exciting agility competitions. On Saturdays, 28th March 2009, we have the Championships Titling Programmes such as Starters Standard Agility, Jumpers, Snooker, Gamblers and Pairs Relay. And we also had a tournament class known as USD10k Master Dog Agility Steeplechase World Championships local qualifiers event.

We have a total of 19 dogs in competitions on Saturday, and we have about 27 dogs in competitions on Sunday. A whipping HIGH number of participants ever recorded in Dog Agility Competitions in Singapore. Each dog runs approxiately 7 classes, that adds up to 133 runs for the titling events and 24 runs for the International tournaments. That excludes the beginners classes.

Our Sunday events were Performance Titling Programmes such as Performance 1 Standard Agility, Performance 2 Standard Agility, Beginners Standard Agility, Performance 1 Jumpers, Performance 2 Jumpers and Beginners Jumpers. Our tournament class on Sunday is our Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships local qualifiers event.

The Crowd turn out was good and we are sure that we have managed to introduce the Great Dog Sport of Dog Agility to more people here in Singapore.

We want to thank our Judges, Mr. Donato Poblador (Philippines) and Ms Debra Sim (S'pore). We also want to thank Ms Christine Ang (S'pore) for Judging in our Beginners Classes. Judges not only ensure the smooth running of the events, they also to challenge us individual with their unique Course Designs. Judges need to appropriately provides the level of difficulty in challenge, ensure smooth flowing courses and ensure participants display command and control on their dogs in the competitions. So when visitors see our dogs in action, they will appreciate the level of training, the time, effort we spent on our dogs to bring us where we are today. At the same time this is an excellent platform to educate people on responsible pet ownerships.

We want to thank our co-sponsors PROPLAN & NPARKS for their contineous support. And our prizes are sponsored by PROPLAN and PUPS DOG TRAINING and the spacious and beautiful Arena in Bishan Park Dog Run is by NPARKS.

We want to thank all our volunteers, anderson, annie, noody, khoo, fawn, chan, bernard, anna, alvin, ah hua, patrick, karma, yu lin and many more......... without you volunteers, we will not have enjoyed the great weekends outing with our dogs.

We also want to thank the PetnYou Team from Malaysia coming down to join us in our Agility Competitions. Mr & Mrs Khoo, Bernard, Susan, Chan, Mun Yee, Fawn, etc please forgive if I left you out. We hope you have enjoyed handling some of our dogs in competitions. Hopefully to see you guys more often and who knows, we might be able to compete in each others home turf when the quarantine rules relaxes.

Agility Competitions photos are now available at
Photos are courtesy of Fawn Loong and Debra Sim.

Agility Competitions results will also very available very soon, so keep a look up at this space for more updates coming your way.


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