Friday, April 3, 2009

Congratuations Benji! Diamondisle Loch and Legasi Benji PJ1!

Hi all,

We would like to congratulate to all winners of the recent USDAA Trials. We have 3 who qualified for the Steeplechase Tournament giving them a headstart to their International Tournament Masters Title. Also we have some who has earned legs to their titles and gained their titles too. Also we have our first Performance II Agility and Jumpers Event held which is the next level of titling which will also require 3 clean runs within standard course times. More results updates coming soon!

Meantime we are writing to congratulate our very own dog Benji! Gaining his first International Agility Title PJ1 (Performance 1 Jumpers). He is the first Border Collie in Singapore to attain it for the 22 inch class. Congrats my boy! We are so proud of you! Smooch! Smooch!

Also congrats to all trialers! They are all winners here as we can see the improvements they have made to their training bringing up the standard of dog agility in Singapore. Well done you all! And to those that helped out in the ring a BIG THANK YOU! Also thank you to our Judges, Donato and Christine for taking their time off to judge this event.

Our Shirt and Caps are all given out during the 2 days event. HUGE SUCCESS I MUST SAY! Apologies to those who did not get them.

This trial had some international flavour to it cause we had visitors from KL,Malaysia and the Phillipines all agility enthusiasts coming to watch our event. Mr and Mrs Khoo, Mr Chan, Bernard, Fawn, Mun Yee and Susan volunteered to help us out in setting up the equipments and Fawn even took some great photos from his camera giving the event a very impressive feel with his great action shots! Excellent Photography skills I must say! They had a field running our dogs Max and Benji in the games and it was great being that this is the first time the dogs met them. Thank you to all who made our neighbouring country friends feel welcome and we hope that they like what they see! Also we do hope that they will consider joining our USDAA family in Asia. The Countries that joined USDAA now are China, HongKong, Phillipines, Japan and Singapore.

Dog Agility will continue to dominate in Asia, and perhaps one day we can hold a Regional Tournament in Asia. Keep your fingers crossed!

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