Saturday, November 1, 2008


Herding, canine musical freestyle, dock diving, course-a-lure, flyball, rally, disc, police K-9 exhibition, Doggie-Do-Right, dogs to adopt, and more! By Brenna Fender

There's more than just agility going on at the 2008 Cynosport World Games! There are other competitions, including rally, flyball, and dock diving, and exhibitions, demonstrations, and many more activities. Plus there are colorful booths with vendors selling everything you could possibly need (and some things you just want).

Many of the activities are suitable for the general public to try out. Doggie-Do-Right is an introduction to agility for the inexperienced dog. The dock diving area includes a splash pool for the competing agility dogs to cool off in, and Course-A-Lure combines sighthound lure coursing with safe agility obstacles like hoops and low jumps. Flying disc demonstrations are offering instructions in the basics of the sport, down to the right way to throw a disc.

The Arizona Herding Association is providing herding introductions to newcomers to that sport, and the Arizona Canine Musical Freestylers are offering newbies the opportunity to work with choreographers and other experts to build a routine from scratch. The new freestyle competitors can then try out their skills in fun matches held throughout the weekend.

The Maricopa County Animal Control is here with a air-conditioned van and some lovely dogs to adopt. An adorable Labrador puppy found a new home within hours! Other rescue groups are here as well, with dogs needing homes and other dogs creatively asking for donations (one BC with a "Donate Please" vest on solicited attention - and donations - by throwing tennis balls at the feet of passersby).

Tomorrow there will be temperament testing, fun matches, and competitions in rally, freestyle, dock diving, flyball, and more. There is something for every dog lover here at Westworld!

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USDAAsg, Agility Dogs for Any Flavour!
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