Thursday, October 4, 2007

FCI Dog Agility World Championship 2007

Looking at the other side of the world, Harmar, Norway....

The FCI World Championship has just ended on the 30th Sept. The Swiss are the winners again.

Toshi our friend and Agility Teacher has just return from there. Ranking no. 17 in the World Agility Large Individual. We extend our Congrats to Toshi and Queen Bee. The only Asian to be in the top 20 again.

We hope to meet him again next year either in Japan or get him over for our 2nd seminar in Singapore.

Congrats Toshi and Queen Bee! What a great run!

Some exciting amendment: Just called Toshi today, he is not rank 17 but 11 with his combine overall performance! Wow!! He is top 12 in FCI World Agility Championship! He says he is celebrating "a little bit" What a humble guy!

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